Internet bird is a migratory bird that travels through internet pages. Her world would grow as more and more pages are added to its route.

The silhouette of the Internet bird matches closely that of the northern bald ibis looked at against the bright sky. Now an endangered species, northern bald ibis was once widespread across the Middle East, northern Africa, and Europe. Nowadays, some of the few that remaining ones travel through Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Eritrea and Ethiopia. Many of these countries are now affected by war: a fact that makes the future of northern bald ibis even more uncertain.

The internet bird however is for the moment free from the harsh reality that her entangled self is facing.

If you like to help make her world bigger and add your web-page to her route, contact me through joubinz(at)gmail(dot)com.

Here you can see the current route of the internet bird and the page she is currently flying over: