This is a migratory bird that flies over the world of the internet, travelling from one web page to the other.

Its known world grows bigger by the addition of each new page, and although it would visit the pages again and again, it may encounter new sceneries as the content of the pages change over time.

The internet bird's existence is not only relying on the technical undertakings of the web pages and the central server-that relays it's position-but also on the fact that it is watched by a user at the right moment on the right page.

If you like to help make her world bigger and add your web-page to her route, contact me through joubinz(at)gmail(dot)com. You would receive a snippet that need be included in the content of you web page before the internet bird can pass your page.

Current appearance
The silhouette of the Internet bird-as for now-matches closely that of the northern bald ibis looked at against the bright sky. Bald ibis is an endangered migratory bird with a flying route that passes through Europe, the Middle East, and northern Africa.

Here you can see the current route of the internet bird and the page she is currently flying over: