Internet bird is a migratory bird that flies over the world of the internet, traveling from one web page to the other.
Her known world changes as the content of pages change, and it extends by the addition of each new webpage.
The internet bird's existence is not only reliant on the participation of the web pages and the central server-that relays it's position-but also on the fact that it is observed by a user at the right moment on the right page.
If you like to help make her world bigger and add your web-page to her route, contact me through joubinz(at)gmail(dot)com. I will then send you a snippet that need be included in your webpage in order for the bird to recognise your page.

In image of Zenobia
The appearance of the internet bird is a silhouette of Zenobia looked at against the bright sky.
Zenobia is the last remaining middle eastern northern bald ibis with the knowledge of their ancient migration route through middle east and northern Africa. A route that would take her through Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Eritrea and finally to their wintering grounds in Ethiopia.
Zenobia was last seen in Palmyra (Syria) in 2014. The other three remaining bald Ibis's-who were bred in captivity in Syria-were supposed to learn their migration path from her. But they were all abandoned when the civil war broke out in Syria.

Here you can see the current route of the internet bird and the page she is currently flying over: